Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Virtual Credit Cards-What they are, How they work and Their Benefits Explained

One of the most prominent activities going on online today is buying and selling which is known as e-commerce. A lot of Internet Users are looking for products that will solve their problem or help them to learn more about a subject or pressing issue. It is however noticed that most of these users have problems getting credit cards for their transactions and some that have are afraid of using it online because of the fear of losing their card to online hackers and scammers.
 To solve this problem, business application developers came up with Virtual Credit Cards (VCC).
 What is a Virtual Credit Card?
It is a non-plastic prepaid credit/debit card used for transactions. The major difference between normal plastic card and virtual credit card is that you cannot see or touch a virtual card i.e. it is not physical unlike the plastic card which you can see and touch.
Like the normal credit card, virtual credit card could be a Master or Visa Card with all the details of a normal card. Virtual Credit Cards contain the normal Master and Credit Cards digits, CVV/CVV2 Numbers and Expiry Date.
 They are used in normal online transactions and for verifications on websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Google Adwords, AlertPay, Facebook etc. There are no restrictions to the kind of transactions that can be made with VCC.
 There no any special way of applying for Virtual Credit Cards. There are many websites online selling VCCs. Most of them accept payment for the cards through Paypal and Liberty Reserve. You just have to place order and pay the equivalent amount for the card denomination you need.
Although VCCs have a lot of advantages, there is a limitation any one using them for transactions online may face. Some websites may ask you to scan and send the card you used for transaction on their site to verify your name on the card.
Enjoy shopping online with your VCC.

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